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Top 20 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom

If you are like me, sometimes you struggle finding a gift for your mom that is unique and hasn’t been done before.  You won’t find coffee mugs that say “Greatest Mom” here.  Instead, I’ve chosen my top 20 unique gift ideas for mom that hopefully you haven’t seen before.  As a result, these gifts are great for mom-to-be’s and established moms, for birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, or any other special day that you feel like celebrating mom.

Gift Ideas for the Sentimental Mom

Mother and Son Willow Tree Hand Painted Figurine

Gift Ideas for Mom

”Celebrating the bond of love between mothers and sons”, these Willow Tree figurines are hand painted with love.  Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than this.  “Willow Tree sculptures express love, closeness, healing, courage, hope… emotions of a life well lived.”

Close To Me Willow Tree Hand Painted Figure

Gift Ideas for Mom

This figurine of a Mother and Daughter represent the close bond that is established early on in life.  Share a daughter’s love with your mother with this beautifully crafted and hand-painted figuring.

White Love You Mom Pears

Gift Ideas for Mom

These white ‘Love You Mom’ pears are handmade by SkyeArt in Colorado from scratch.  The pears are made from clay and are hand painted.  Now, they are on the smaller side, but are great for sitting on top of a desk at work or on the kitchen table at home.

Mama Bear and Baby Necklace

Gift Ideas for Mom

Next is a handmade Mama Bear necklace.  Each piece is customizable and the baby bears receive their own initial.  Show the Mama Bear in your life how much you love her with this personalized necklace.

Gift Ideas for the Chic Mom

Floral Glass Coffee Mug

Gift Ideas for Mom

This floral glass coffee mug is so unique and beautiful to look at. Each glass is handmade by glass artisans.  The glass is pre-packaged in a lovely solid pink case to prevent breakage and comes with a floral spoon as well.  As a result, this gift is perfect for the mom who has it all, but most likely doesn’t have a clear floral coffee mug.

Decorative Ceramic Ring Dish

Gift Ideas for Mom

Getting ready for bed was never better for your mom with this adorable decorative ceramic ring dish depicting the words, “Remember I love you mom”.  If that doesn’t melt her heart every night, I don’t know what will.

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Wellfleet Turkish Cotton Throw Blanket

Gift Ideas for Mom

This beautiful Wellfleet cotton throw blanket by Herring Cove Textile Company is 100% Aegean cotton.  This throw blanket (40″ x 80″) is super soft and handcrafted in Turkey using wooden shuttle looms.  Tell your mom ‘I love you’ with this chic blanket.

‘Home is Wherever Mom Is’ Cotton Linen Pillow Cover

Gift Ideas for Mom

‘Home is Wherever Mom Is.’  Isn’t that the truth?  Just being around your mom makes it feel like home, no matter where.  These are cotton linen pillow covers with a zipper, so this will fit over any 18 x 18 throw pillow.

Gift Ideas For the Comical Mom

“Incredible Mom” Mug

Gift Ideas for MomNow, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a sucker for anything that has to do with The Incredibles.  Then, seeing this mug made my mouth drop.  I think it’s so cool!  This “Incredible Mom” mug is made straight by Disney and is sculpted with a high gloss glaze.  Surely this is a perfect gift for the Disney-loving mom in your household.

“Ugly Children” Coffee Mug

Gift Ideas for Mom

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“No matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have Ugly Children.”  Unfortunately, this mug is not for every mom, but only for a mom who has a great sense of humor!  For example, every mom still does want to be reminded that she gave birth to beautiful looking children.  🙂

You’re The Mom Everyone Wishes They Had Candle

Gift Ideas for Mom

This fun candle has scents of huckleberry, lemon, and vanilla, but has a little bit of humor thrown in.  For instance, “You’re the mom everyone wishes they had.” It’s an all-natural soy candle made in the USA.  Thus, this would be a great gift for mom.

Gifts for the Practical Mom

Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker

Gift Ideas for MomA Keurig is a staple in the kitchen nowadays.  Even though some moms lament that they wish they had one, they just don’t want to break down and buy one.  However, now is your opportunity to shine!  Pick up a Keurig as a gift for your mom today!

Instant Pot

Gift Ideas for Mom

Firstly, I love my Instant Pot.  It’s the ultimate modern kitchen appliance (besides a KitchenAid).  For example, making mashed potatoes from scratch is easy under 15 minutes without having to boil water, plus this includes many other fun features such as cooking rice, meat, and poultry.  With an Instant Pot, you can get the crock-pot taste without the extra time.

Bamboo Cutting Board

Gift Ideas for Mom

“Everything is Better in Mom’s Kitchen” bamboo cutting board.  Now, ain’t that the truth?  I love my mom’s cooking (and it’s wonderful if I don’t have to cook!).  Get this cutting board for your mom to remind her of how much you love her.

Gifts for the Wine-Loving Mom

Mommy’s First Milestones Stickers

Gift Ideas for Mom

These are six cute and fun ‘Mom’s First’ wine labels, such as ‘Mom’s First Date Night with Dad’.  These are perfect for new mom’s or mom-to-be’s.  As an added plus, provide mom with six bottles of wine.  She will thank you.

Momma Hen Stemless Wine Glass

Gift Ideas for Mom

This Mama Hen stemless wineglass is near and dear to my heart as a homesteader.  I love my chickens.  To this end, this would be a perfect gift for the chicken-lover or just a mom who really is a Mama Hen.

Gifts for the Mom Chef

Sweetheart Candy Spoons

Gift Ideas for Mom

These Sweetheart Candy Spoons are handmade by The Sinclair Company, are personalized, and are food safe! Show your mom how much you appreciate her cooking talents with these hand crafted spoons.

Engraved Baking Pan

Gift Ideas for Mom

Here is a unique idea of glass baking pans that are custom engraved by Springbrook Laser Engraving in Wisconsin.  With these, you can personalize a baking pan for your mom.  As such, she will see the love every time she cooks a dish.  Plus, she will always get her pan back from a potluck.

Embroidered Dish Towel

Gift Ideas for Mom

Embroidered ‘Love You Mom’ hand towels are a perfect gift to show your mom every day how much you love her.  She will see the towels in the kitchen and they are a loving reminder of her beloved child.

Bloom Mother Ceramic Tea Kettle

Gift Ideas for Mom

‘I Smile Because You’re My Mother’.  This is an adorable tea kettle.  However, I am in love with tea kettles and I have some in my kitchen.  So, this is great for your mom to see in her kitchen every day. The tea kettle is on top and the cup is on the bottom and comes packaged in a Gift-to-Go box.


Get the perfect unique gift for your mom from these Top 20 Unique Gift Ideas for Mom today!  Your mom will be pleased and remember just how much her children love her!

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