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Reduce Bloating with Essential Oil

Reduce Bloating Naturally with Essential Oil

Do you struggle with bloating as much as I do?  I used to not have to worry about it when I was younger.  But I think my age has finally caught up to me.

I start to get bloated about a week and a half before my period starts.  I seriously look like I’m pregnant.  Now, I am also trying to get pregnant, so having this “fake” prego-belly is not fun.  It’s been psyching me out lately.

My husband says, “oh, no you don’t look fat…”  But I can see in the mirror this round shape protruding from my abdomen.  I definitely have proof of bloating.  So I’ve found the perfect essential oil to reduce bloating.

What causes bloating?

Man, it is not good to look at WebMD.  Apparently, bloating is a serious concern and can be caused by irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, or hemorroids.  (Why does every medical condition on WebMD result in a serious illness?!)  If this is you, see a doctor right away.  If it’s not, then read on.

Salt intake is a huge factor in bloating.  Too much salt causes water retention.  We aren’t talking about just dumping a handful of salt into your mouth.  Too much salt can come from fast food and prepackaged food.

Carbs are a big factor as well. Eating simple carbs, like bread, doughnuts, etc., are carbs that get broken down quickly and introduced into your blood stream.  This causes water retention.  By eating complex carbs, such as fruits and vegetables, these take longer to break down and digest into the blood stream.  This helps your body to not retain water.

Overeating, drinking pop, eating too fast, constipation, and dairy consumption are also factors to be aware of when trying to diagnose why you are bloating.

If you are like me and retain water and bloat before your period, you are going through the symptoms of PMS.  The recommendation of WebMD is to exercise and stay away from sugar, salt, and simple carbs.  Easy for them to say…pass me the chocolate!

Use DigestZen Essential Oil to Reduce Bloating

DigestZen Essential Oil to Reduce Bloating

Sometimes you can feel like you have done everything possible to reduce bloating, but nothing works.  That’s when I like to turn to my trusty friends: essential oils.

DigestZen is the essential oil to go to in order to reduce bloatingDigestZen contains known oils to reduce bloating, including:

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You can add 20 drops of DigestZen oil to a roller bottle and fill half-way with carrier oil.  Roll the oil blend over your stomach when needed to reduce bloating.

DigestZen is also good for aiding in digestion, calming an upset stomach, and helping to maintain digestive health.

I wish I had a complicated essential oil blend for you to make and create, but I don’t have that for you to try here.  Instead, it’s easier to keep it simple and use DigestZen oil for what it was created to do.  It’s already been blended, which saves you the work of making your own blend.  Give it a try and see if it helps to reduce bloating.

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