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Proud Chicken Mama | Free SVG Cut File

What is it that makes chicken owners go absolutely “ga-ga” for their chickens?  That’s a great question because I don’t have the answer.  All I know is that once I got chickens, I had to get more.

My husband feeds the passion too though, so it’s not completely my fault.  Yesterday, he had to go to Tractor Supply to pick up some more feed.  Do you know what he came home with?  8 meat chicks.  Thank you Tractor Supply for your springtime supply of cute baby chicks and farm owners that can’t say no to their cuteness.

Baby meat chicks
Aren’t they adorable?!

Of course, I am ecstatic about it!  The only issue is that I already have 24 1-month-old chicks in my garage in two containers because they grow like weeds.  Well, what’s 8 more baby chicks?  We grabbed another container, set up a heat lamp, and the chicks are happy….for 10 weeks at least…

My hubby is still in the process of creating the chicks “half-way” house.  This is where they will reside as teenagers until they grow to be the same size as the other chickens.  Then the chickens can be combined in the same coop.  So now we will have two chicken coops.

Am I a proud chicken mama?  I think it’s safe to say, yes, I am!  Once these chicks are grown up, I’ll be the proud mama of 52 chickens.  That’s saying something considering I never thought I would own chickens.

But that’s life.  Sometimes it just happens.  The farm life adopted me, not the other way around.  Now I have a goose, a sheep pregnant with twins, and a cow on the way.  Did I ever plan it to happen this way?  Nope.  Would I have it any other way?  Absolutely not.

Proud Chicken Mama SVG Cut File

Proud Chicken Mama | Free SVG Cut File

Well, enough about me.  I created this Proud Chicken Mama SVG file specifically for the Cricut machine, but it should work on a Silhouette as well.  You can download the file here.

Please note that this file is licensed only for personal use, not commercial.

If you use this file and create a picture, a mug, a sign, or anything, let me know.  I would love to see your inspirations!  Send me a picture on Instagram with hashtag #homesteadfamilia.

Keep checking back for new farm-related svg files, see you around!

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