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Natural Lemon Household Cleaner Recipe

I love using natural products over manufactured products any day.  Why?  Well, for one, it’s cheaper.  For two, I know what ingredients I am putting into my products.  Isn’t it better to know that you are not using harsh chemicals inside your home?  That’s why I prefer to make my own natural cleaners, including this Natural Lemon Household Cleaner Recipe.

Once I discovered how harmful store-bought cleaners can be, I immediately decided that I wanted to switch to making my own natural products.  Frankly, if I don’t know what an ingredient is on a label, I don’t want to use it in my home.

I think that one of the things that we have to remember is that our skin is our largest organ.  Why it took me 30 years to figure that out, I don’t know.  I just never thought about skin that way.  But our skin can absorb and ingest chemicals through the air and by touch.

Also, if you are spraying your counter-tops with harmful chemicals, then chop vegetables and food on them, your food absorbs those chemicals.  And then we eat it and put it in our bodies!

Let’s talk about bleach for just one moment.  Did you know that bleach was used in the late 1940’s during the war as a chemical weapon?  Also, have you noticed when you go to a doctor’s office that it smells like bleach?  No?  Me neither.  It’s because doctors don’t use bleach to kill germs because it is harmful when it is ingested.

Natural Lemon Household Cleaner

So let’s make our own natural lemon household cleaner! You’ll be armed with the knowledge that you’re using an all-natural product that is safe for the environment and your family.  All it takes is lemon essential oil, white vinegar, and water.

Lemon essential oil is a natural cleansing agent.  It’s non-toxic and can be used to clean surfaces and the air when diffused.  It has a nice fresh and clean smell, but it also has antifungal, antiseptic, and antiviral properties.

Natural Lemon Household Cleaner Recipe

My natural lemon household cleaner is super simple and easy to make.  Simply add 20 drops of lemon essential oil, 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and 1 cup of water to a glass spray bottle.  Shake to combine and you are ready to clean.  Wasn’t that easy?!

You can use this anywhere in your home where you need to clean surfaces, such as the kitchen counter tops, bathroom sink, shower, living room, etc.

Side note: be sure to use a glass spray bottle, as essential oils can be corrosive to plastic bottles.

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Free Printable:

Natural Lemon Household Cleaner Recipe

Click here to receive your free Lemon Household Cleaner template download.  Just print the label out onto sticky labels, cut around the label, and stick to your spray bottle.


Enjoy using this simple homemade lemon cleaner recipe with the full knowledge and awareness that you will not be spreading chemicals around your home any longer.  Enjoy!

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