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How to Dye Brown Eggs

Farm fresh eggs are completely different from store bought eggs.  Why?  Because they are fresh and oh so delicious!  The main difference is that farm fresh eggs are usually brown, not white.  That makes farm eggs a little bit difficult to dye, but definitely not impossible.  I’ll show you how to dye brown eggs here.

Supplies to Dye Brown Eggs

How to Dye Brown Eggs

Step 1:

How to Dye Brown Eggs

Boil the water in a pot on the stove.  Add in the food coloring so that the water is completely dyed.  I used gel food coloring, which worked great, but liquid would also work.

Next add about 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the water.  The vinegar causes a carbon dioxide reaction with the eggs so that the food coloring will adhere.

Step Two:

Add in the eggs to the dyed boiling water.  Let the eggs cook for 15 minutes to become hard-boiled.  I found that by boiling the eggs in the dyed water helps the dye to stick to the eggs.

Step Three:

How to Dye Brown Eggs

Put the eggs and the dyed water into bowls.  Let the eggs sit in the dye for approximately one hour.  If you take the eggs straight from the boiling water, the eggs will not look dyed.  They need to sit in the dye for a while for the color to adhere.

Step Four:

How to Dye Brown Eggs

Take the eggs out of the dye and let them sit on a paper towel to dry.  Don’t crowd the eggs on the towel.  If the eggs are crowded, the towel becomes too moist and the eggs will begin to absorb the other colors.

The End Result of Dyeing Brown Eggs:

How to Dye Brown Eggs

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The end result is beautifully dyed brown eggs!  Did you ever doubt me?!

Tips for the Road:

  • When using the yellow dye, I used my lightest and “whitest” brown eggs.  The yellow still didn’t adhere as bright as I would have wanted and only two came out looking really yellow.  Next time, I will probably mix yellow and red to make orange, which will hopefully adhere better.
  • I didn’t make any designs on my eggs because I didn’t have any crayons or rubber bands on hand.  Feel free to use these to create designs on your eggs.

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