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Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets | Free SVG File

I may have just discovered a fun program, Inkscape!  This is a great program to design your own SVG files for use with either a Cricut or Silhouette.  And because I just love my little chickens, I just knew that creating fun farm-centered pictures would be a blast.  That’s why I created this “Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets” file!

Butt Nugget Inspiration

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets | Free SVG File Download

My friend just recently started buying eggs from me.  All of my chickens lay different size eggs in a variety of colors, including fairy eggs.  Her first exclamations to her husband were, “Oh, this is a tiny butt nugget” and “…Man, this one must of hurt, this is an extra-large butt nugget!”  Her comments, of course, became my inspiration for this picture.

Now, one of the things that my friend commented on was that the yolks look different from “regular” eggs.  What’s the best part about why the yolk is different?  IT’S FRESH! Most people are not used to eating eggs that have been laid either that day or that week.  By the time that eggs normally get to grocery stores, the eggs are approximately nine weeks old.  Tell me that’s not crazy!

Where to Find Farm Fresh Eggs

The best way to find someone selling fresh eggs is…are you ready for this…online.  If you are looking for fresh eggs, look on Facebook groups near you or through Facebook marketplace.  Or ask around.  Someone in your friend group knows somebody selling fresh eggs.  It’s great to support your local farmer or just neighborhood chicken-lover.

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets | Free SVG File Download

I only raise chickens at the moment…other farm-animals soon to be added.  But I am no means a farmer.  I only have 18 chickens.  You can read about how I got jump-started into raising chickens here.  Those 18 chickens lay quite a few eggs, usually about 13-14 eggs per day, on average.  I do sell my eggs to friends and family, although for me it is a hobby.  The extra cash is just a bonus and goes towards chicken feed.

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets SVG File

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets | Free SVG File for Dowloand

And now for the real reason you are here, the Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets SVG file!  I really had fun creating this file.  Click here to download and access the svg file.  Please note that this file is licensed only for personal use, not commercial.

If you use this file and create a picture, a mug, a sign, or anything, let me know.  I would love to see your inspirations!  Send me a picture on Instagram with hashtag #homesteadfamilia.

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Keep checking back for new farm-related svg files, see you around!

Farm Fresh Butt Nuggets | Free SVG File

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