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Essential Oil Fertility Blend

Trying to get pregnant is probably one of the most frustrating times of my life that I have ever had to go through.  And it’s not only me.  Did you know that 40% of women in the United States are infertile and 20% are sub-fertile?  I just boosted your confidence there didn’t I?  *Sorry!*  The numbers don’t make me feel any better either.  So I’ve created my own Essential Oil Fertility Blend to help increase my chances of fertility the natural way.

There are plenty of ways out there to help increase your chance of getting pregnant.  This can include eating a healthy real-food diet, exercising, lowering your stress levels, taking vitamins, eating foods that increase fertility, liver detox, regulating ovulation, etc.  All of which are very good and essential to increasing fertility.  But I think that we are forgetting about the importance of essential oils.

Phytohormones in Essential Oils:

I want to incorporate essential oils into the process of increasing fertility.  Why?  Because essential oils are natural and plant-based.  They also contain phytohormones.  That’s a scary and big word.  So what are phytohormones?  It’s a complex way of saying plant hormones.  Plant hormones are molecules produced in plants in low concentrations, which control growth and development.  This can include the regulation of organ size, pathogen defense, stress levels, and reproductive development.

An example of a usage of phytohormones is through willow bark.  The active hormone in willow bark is salicyllic acid, which is used by pharmaceutical companies to create aspirin.  Aren’t we all grateful for this painkiller?  The salicyllic acid can also be used in the treatment of topical skin conditions, such as acne, warts, and psoriasis.

So why am I telling you all of this?  It’s so that you understand how powerful essential oils can be when used correctly.  The phytohormones in plants mimic the hormones in our own bodies.  If we lack a particular hormone, or under-produce a certain hormone, using an essential oil can help to regulate that particular area.

Essential Oil Fertility Blend:

Here’s the simple essential oil fertility blend and then I will explain why each oil is used:

Essential Oil Fertility Blend

Combine the oils in a 10 mL roller bottle.  Then, fill the remainder of the bottle with fractionated coconut oil.  Apply the oil twice daily to your lower abdomen.  This will target the ovary and uterus areas.

I’ve created a fun short time-lapse video below of how I put the oils together:

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Fertility Essential Oils:

Clary Sage:

Clary sage is an oil that stimulates the pituitary gland which produces estrogen. Hormones are secreted from the pituitary gland.  These hormones help control all functions of the sex organs, thyroid glands, pregnancy, childbirth, and nursing.  I guess you could say that the pituitary gland is kind of important and we need to take care of it.  By stimulating the pituitary gland, you are helping to increase the chances of fertility.

You can also use clary sage for balancing menopause, menstrual cycles, and labor.  It’s beneficial for easing moodiness, cramps, and depression.


Fennel has been found to have a strong estrogenic effect.  It is one of the most effective phytoestrogenic oils.  This oil can help to regulate and balance your menstrual cycle.  It’s also beneficial to reducing cramps, headaches, depression, and moodiness.  (My husband is going to wonder why I didn’t start taking this sooner!).


Geranium has a balancing effect on the endocrine system and regulates hormone function.  This oil can also help to reduce stress, balances progesterone, and promotes healthy ovaries.


Lavender can help to balance the endocrine system and regulate menstrual cycles.  This oil is mainly known for it’s relaxing and mood lifting properties.  That is why lavender is great with regulating hormones.  The smell helps to reduces any stress.

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Bergamot is typically used for making black teas.  This oil is helpful in reducing stress, acting as a relaxant, gives your circulation system a boost, and balances cortisol levels.  Bergamot also promotes healthy digestion.

A Side Note:

As a side note, once you become pregnant you should stop using this essential oil fertility blend.  Fennel, geranium, lavender, and clary sage are not safe essential oils to use while pregnant.

Drink Tea in addition to the Essential Oil Blend:

There are a few teas out there that are recommended to increase fertility.  Right now, I am drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Fertility Tea.  The tea blend is designed to enhance reproductive wellness.  I drink my tea with honey and lemon and it tastes delicious.  The tea is designed to boost the supply of iron, vitamins, and minerals to build a healthy uterus lining to prepare it for pregnancy.


Trying to get pregnant is not a fun process.  But the best advice out there is to keep trying and to have fun while doing it.  Try not to let the process stress you out.  If you use this fertility essential oil, you shouldn’t be stressed at all.  Blessings!

Essential Oil Fertility Blend


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