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Easy Easter Peeps House Craft

Easter Peeps House Craft

Easter only rolls around one time per year.  Sometimes I don’t like to eat Peeps, but they are so darned cute.  So why not use them to make an Easy Easter Peeps House Craft?

This Easter Peeps House Craft is so simple to make.  It’s easier than making a gingerbread house.  I love making gingerbread houses, but I didn’t get to make one this past Christmas.  This Peeps House makes up for it!

This is a great craft to make with kids as it only takes about 30 minutes to make.

How to Make an Easy Easter Peeps Craft House

Supplies you will need:

Easter Peeps House Craft

Before Getting Started:

Easter Peeps House Craft

Take the plastic baggie and put icing into one end of it.  Snip off the corner of the baggie.  This makes a simple homemade piping bag.  Twist the top of the baggie to push the icing towards the tip.

Making the Peeps House:

Easter Peeps House Craft

  1. Put a little bit of icing down on the board.  Place one graham cracker on top.  This will keep the house stabilized.
  2. Put icing around the bottom edges of the graham crackers.  Assemble the side walls of the house.
  3. Put icing around the edges of the walls.  Assemble the back wall of the house.
  4. Put icing on top of the edges of the walls.  Assemble the roof with a strip of icing down the middle of the roofing pieces.Easter Peeps House Craft
  5. The house should be assembled like this.
  6. Spread icing around the house.
  7. Put the shredded coconut in a bowl.
  8. Add the green food coloring and mix.
    Easter Peeps House Craft
  9. Spread the green coconut around the house.  Put the coconut in the bottom of the house as well.
  10. This is what the house should look like once the coconut is placed around the house.
  11. Add a Chick Peep to the house (any color you want).
  12. Add the chocolate eggs to the inside and outside of the house.  If you don’t have chocolate eggs, you can substitute with jelly beans.
    Easter Peeps House Craft
  13. You can add eggs anywhere around the house.
  14. I put another Chick Peep outside of the house.
  15. Using icing, draw checkered lines on the roof of the house.
  16. This is the top view of the house.
    Easter Peeps House Craft
  17. Taking little pieces from the leftover Peeps in the boxes, roll the pieces into little balls.  Place the balls on the roof in a decorative pattern.

That’s it!  This is the simple and easy Easter Peeps House Craft!

Easter Peeps House Craft

Easter Peeps House Craft

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Easter Peeps House Craft

Easter Peeps House Craft


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