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11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Dating your spouse is a very important part of marriage and is something that should not be neglected.  Yes, you may need to get a babysitter for the kids.  But I never said that date night had to be expensive…or that you had to even leave the house…In fact, date night can be pretty cheap once you have found the right ideas.

Perhaps you’ve run out of date night ideas.  Sometimes you can’t even afford to go out to dinner, especially if you are on a strict budget.

Now, just because it’s date night does not mean that it has to cost you a bundle.  In fact, here are 11 cheap Date Night Ideas.

1. Enjoy a Candlelight Dinner

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

First off, don’t bother paying to go to an expensive restaurant for date night or any restaurant at all.  Instead, make your own delicious homemade dinner for two.  Try making pasta for dinner, buy freshly made bread from a local bakery, and wine to set the mood.

Next, light candles on the table and use the good china.  Shut off the TV for one night and enjoy a conversation with your spouse or significant other.

What?!  Been there, done that?!  Go crazy and have your own “Chopped” night.  Get a basket of food with 4 ingredients for each of you.  Create a challenge that each partner must create a dish for the night from their 4 ingredients and see who can make the better dish.  There’s nothing like a little bit of healthy competition.

2. Write a Love Note

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

My favorite gift that my husband likes to receive is a handwritten love note.  There’s something so personal about love notes that just can’t be said with a card.

Start the date night right by jotting down a few thoughts of why you love your spouse.  It doesn’t matter if you are good with words or not.

When my husband writes me a love note, I don’t ever throw it away.  Love notes are more precious to me than a gift because I know that the words come from the heart.

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You could surprise your spouse with a sticky love note on the bathroom mirror in the morning or at night when your spouse gets home from work.  Or leave a note on your spouse’s car window before they go to work.  If you’re techy, send a love-inspired email during the day.

3. Have a Scavenger Hunt

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

For the adventurous lovers out there, have a scavenger hunt for date night in your home.  Using slips of paper or sticky notes, write down love notes and clues to the next hiding spot.  Have your spouse find all of the clues.  Use chocolates as the prize for getting to the end (or maybe you could be the prize:) ).

An example for a clue could be: “Love is tender, love is sweet, for your next clue go to the place where food you re-heat”.  If you want to use a printable for ideas, you can find one here.

4. Make a Scratch-Off

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

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An idea I’ve always wanted to try is to make a scratch-off card.  Using cardstock and some special supplies, you can create a scratch-off and come up with your own prizes for your spouse to win.  Prizes could include a massage, a kiss, breakfast in bed, or anything you could imagine. For directions on how to make your own scratch-off, go here.

5. Netflix and Chill

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Where would we be without Netflix?  For date night, be intentional and put on an actual movie instead of a TV show.  Get comfy in your favorite PJ’s and enjoy a film.  Send the kids to grandma’s for the night and enjoy being with your spouse.

6. Make a Love Book

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Want to create a fun way to tell your spouse how much you love them?  Create a Love Book online, where the pictures and captions are created for you.  All you have to do is point and click.  The size of the book is up to you, from 10 pages to 100 pages.  Go here to create a Love Book.

7. Have a Spa Night

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

We all live busy, stressful lives.  Sometimes all I want is a massage.  So get together with your spouse and grab foot scrub, lotion, candles, and essential oils to get a spa night going.

8. Reminisce with Old Photos

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Get reminiscing about how the two of you met.  Look at old photos from when you first met until now.  Enjoy laughing at the situations you went through together.  If you want, take the photos and create a memory scrapbook together.

9. Take Boudoir Photos

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Spice things up with boudoir photos.  Boudoir photos are all the rage right now.  Get dressed up in something sexy and take turns taking photos of each other.  Just remember to hide the photos from your kids.  🙂

10. Make Dessert

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries and they are so easy to make.  Or you could try making homemade snicker-doodle cookies.  Perhaps you want to try your hand at cake pops?  How about a dessert that requires whipped cream?  Dessert is always a YES on date night.

11. Go to the Shooting Range

11 Cheap Date Night Ideas

That may sound strange to you.  “Go to the shooting range for date night?”  Umm, yeah, because NOBODY else will be there!  You’ll probably have the range to yourself.  That means when you miss the target…nobody else will know.

What about you?  What do you do for an extra special date night?  Let me know in the comments below!

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