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8 Unique Gift Ideas for Lawyers

If you’re like me, then you know that giving a gift to a lawyer is pretty much impossible.  Mainly because they already have everything that they need!  I’m a paralegal and I work for a male lawyer.  Giving Christmas and birthday gifts can be difficult.  Here are 8 unique lawyer gift ideas that I have put together.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersWe all know that lawyers love to golf (where else are they on Fridays?).  I purchased one of these for my boss one year and he loved it.  I’m gonna have to go with that most lawyers don’t have a monogrammed golf ball box at home.  This would make a great addition to their golf gear.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersLawyers love wine.  It’s a majorly known fact.  But instead of guessing what their favorite brand of wine is, try getting this wine aerator pourer.  The aerator infuses wine with oxygen, which improves the quality of the wine.  Give the gift of delicious wine aeration…or you could also just buy them a bottle of wine.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersRead the story of Abe Lincoln’s last trial before being elected 16th President of the United States.  Sometimes we forget that before he was President, Honest Abe was a lawyer.  And apparently a good one at that.  An excerpt from the book: “Lincoln was one of the giants who literally set the bar for the legal profession in America.”


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersLawyers are in Court or meeting with clients every day.  That means a suit and tie each day of the week.  Lawyers can never have too many good ties.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersThis “Please do not confuse your Google search with my law experience” mug will give your lawyer a kick!  Believe me, Google searches do not constitute a law degree, and lawyers run into this every day.  Giving them a mug to put on their desk in front of clients may just do the trick.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for LawyersLet me reiterate that lawyers can buy anything they want.  Everything they want, they already have.  So, my boss enjoys getting beef jerky for a gift because it’s so practical.  My boss always works through lunch.  This is perfect for them to snack on at work.


8 Unique Gift Ideas for Lawyers This Scales of Justice Clock is a marble obelisk shaped base featuring a quartz movement clock and gold plated scales of justice emblem.  The clock is snazzy and professional looking, which will look great on any lawyer’s desk.


Maybe this is just the lawyer’s staff in me talking, but buy lunch for the lawyer and his office staff.  You want to achieve some brownie points and make sure your lawyer is working on your case?  Take care of him and his staff.  That will go a long way.  And I’m not talking fancy, just Jimmie Johns or Subway works. *wink*


Hopefully this list gives you some ideas on what to buy for a lawyer.  Remember, thoughtfulness is more important than price.  Lawyers are people too and they like to be appreciated as well for birthdays and around Christmas time.

8 Unique Gift Ideas for Lawyers

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